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New Music: Jennifer Hudson - Walk It Out

Jennifer Hudson returns with a new track produced by Timberland entitled Walk It Out. The mid tempo track with back with a full sound with harmonies and a heavy bass beat. This song follows the Timberland formula for how most of his tracks sound. Unfortunately, I don’t think this song is going to really generate enough buzz. The title reminds of the dance popular in the 2000’s and I really don’t understand what she means by it. Also, she is cursing in this song and talking about sex heavily. Just a couple months she was saying that singing about sex is boring and overrated. I think she is struggling to find her image and what she wants her sound to be. This track really had potential. it could have been great but just the title and the topic of the song is not interesting. I have faith in her team will bring her the hits she deserves.

Coachella 2014
Photo Credit: Robin Harper
This the closest I’m get to some red Octobers 😩😪😢
Oh wow

I really have no one except myself

Nice day in Harlem!
Hi I got a haircut!!!
Shawty what you name is?