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Anonymous asked - "I'm a little confused (I haven't slept in over 24hrs - I might just be too tired) the grand jury has until January to decide if they will CHARGE Darren Wilson, not CONVICT? Or they have until January to convict? Please tell me it's convict. Because regardless of your 'views' on his guilt, he needs to be charged and then a jury should decide on his guilt if he doesn't take a plea deal. Charging is a no brainer, he killed someone and it needs a criminal investigation."


The grand jury now has until January 7, 2015 to decide whether or not to charge Darren Wilson with the murder of Mike Brown. They can make a decision soon than that though.

Here’s some more info on the grand jury:

For some reason this spoke to me! I do find myself caring to often about people who do care for me and letting pointless relationships linger when they don’t belong in my life! But I’m learning though!

Oh my god
This will be the only time y’all see me smile lol
Church earlier with Pooh Bear!

Anonymous asked - "Do you "hate" all white people?"


can i phone a friend?

*calling ancestors……*

they say “yes.”